Sending large files

Online collaboration needs have grown to such a large extent that the 10MB file attachment limit of most email providers now appears insufficient. Videos, rich media and presentations now easily exceed the limit and transferring such files is a trouble. There are those who would love to break a file into pieces and request the person at the other end to download a tool that would re-join those pieces. However, I think that file sharing services are the real solution to this problem. Here are a couple that I have used in the past with good results:

1. Yousendit
This is my hot favorite! It provides an easy interface and is a good way to transfer a huge file. With the paid option you can send a file that is 2 GB in size. However, if you are apprehensive then you can sign up for a free trial which allows for sending of 100MB file with a total limit of 1GB for the monthly download limit.

2. SendYourFile
This is a great solution if you want to have the facility to send large files right from your outlook(software download needed)! The great thing is that using their software to transfer a file means that a connection breakdown will not be a problem as it resumes broken transfers. Multiple files can be sent in a single go without a need to attach each file individually(sent as a zip file to the recipient).

A list of other sites offering similar services is below:
1. ShareFile
2. SendSpace (Now closed)
3. 4Shared
4. DropSend
5. TransferBigFiles
6. SendThisFile

The era of peer to peer sharing has also caught up with sending/sharing large files. Peer to peer software allows sharing large files and speeds up the process by allowing the files to be doanloaded at the same time that they are being uploaded!

Some cool sites to check for these are:

There are plenty of other services around. The above list is just a listing of the more popular websites that I have found useful.

Happy sharing but remember not to send onwards files that you do not own and definitely encrypt them if they are confidential!


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