Project monitoring. Can you afford to live without it?

One of the biggest hassles for any small entrepreneur is the planning and monitoring of projects. Small business owners do not have the option of having multiple people just for the task of project management and are generally wearing too many hats themselves. The relegation of project management as a side activity can possibly have disastrous effects for a business that may only have a handful of clients. The solution lies in ways to build the project planning and monitoring tasks into the work system. It is not necessary to utilize state of the art technology to do the job (although that would ofcourse be a big help). A job card for every vehicle at a garage is as good a project planning and monitoring system as a fancy software solution.

The key is to ensure:
1. Tasks are listed in order that they are to be executed.
2. Approximate time is listed with each task. For routine tasks this should be a known value but for new tasks any good estimate is ok.
3. People are made aware of the tasks that they are to perform.
4. Cancel out tasks that are done.

This is ofcourse the most bare bones project monitoring system and leaves a lot to be answered and future posts will try to focus on ways that this important activity.


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